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  1. Pesquisa Avançada de Patentes
Número de publicaçãoUS1133711 A
Tipo de publicaçãoConcessão
Data de publicação30 Mar 1915
Data de apresentação20 Mar 1913
Data de prioridade20 Mar 1913
Número de publicaçãoUS 1133711 A, US 1133711A, US-A-1133711, US1133711 A, US1133711A
InventoresBenjamin L Cornelius
Beneficiário OriginalBenjamin L Cornelius
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Oil-burner tip.
US 1133711 A
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1, 1 33,71 1 y y Patented Mar. 30, 1915.



Specicaton of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 30, 1915.

Application led March 20, 1913. Serial ld-755,793.

T0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, BENJAMIN L. Con NELIUS, a citizen of the United States, resid` ing at Hutchinson, in the county of Reno and State of Kansas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Oil-Burner Tips; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, -andaexact' description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

My invention relates to an oil burner tip, and has for its principal object to provide a tip, having a discharge mouth lined with removable wear plates, so that when the mouth has been enlarged by the grinding action of sand, or other solid material, in the oil flowing therethrough, new plates may be inserted to reduce the opening tothe proper dimensions.

In accomplishing this object I have provided the improved details of structure hereinafter described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure I is a perspective view of a burner tip constructed according to my invention.'

Eig. II is a plan view of same, one of the tip members being removed and the socket piece in section. Fig. III is a central, vertical section of the complete" tip. Fig. IV is a detail perspective of the separate mouth plates.

. Referring more in detail to the parts: 1 designates a socket memberhaving a socket 2 at one end adapted for application to the threaded end of a supply pipe and a socket 3 at the opposite end for receiving the shoulder and threaded`shank of a burner tip, the inner surface 4 of the socket member between the inner ends of the sockets 2 and 3 being concaved and reducedtoward the outer socket 3.

The tip here shown, and which I prefer y to use, is of a f duck bill type and comprises separate members or halves adapted for application to each other to complete the shank 5 which is adapted to thread into the socket 3, the annular shoulder 6 which is adapted to lie against the end of ttle socket member, and the spreading bo y members 7 which are adapted to be rigidly secured together by the screws 8.

4by grinding due to the passage of `to form a channel for the passage of oil. At

the outer end of thetip the flanges 13, 'at

the sides of the groove 9, are downcut to receive an insertV plate 14 having a central, diverging groove 15 adapted for forming a continuation of the groove 9 in the body and having edge flanges 16 forming continuations of the flanges 13. The opposite body member 7 isv incut to receive a flat wear plate 17 of the same size and shape as the plate 14, but ungrooved so that its inner surface is coextensive with the inner flat surface of the body member.. Both plates 14 and 17 have apertures 18 through which theouter screws 7 may project to anchbr the plates in their seats.

With the parts constructed and assembled as described, and having. wear plates within the seats at the mouth of the tip, the groove is used in the ordinary manner.

Should the mouth area be unduly enlarge san through the mouthwith the iiow of oil, the plates 14 and 17 may be removed and new 'plates inserted, thereby renewin the tip while saving all but the small wearing plates.

It is apparent thatby forming the tip in separate pieces the interior of the tip is accessible by unthreading the body members from the socket and removing. the screws 7, thereby permitting the body members -to be separated and the interior of the tip completely disclosed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new therein and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, isz- 1. A burner tip comprising separate body members, having grooved inner faces, a

4transverse mouth intersecting the face vices projecting through the body members and Wearing plates, on opposite sides of said grooves. l

2. In an oil burner'tip, the combination With a threaded socket member, of a pair of grooved body members having threaded members adapted for coperation to form a shank for seating said threaded socket member, a transverse mouth opening from the grooved portion of the body member, a grooved Wearing plate seated in the jaw of one of said body members and proJectng slightly into the jaw of the last named member and adapted for coperation with' the grooved Wearing plate, and fastening devices 1 projecting through thebody members and Wearing plates, on opposite sides of said grooves.I v

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.



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Classificação dos EUA239/591, 239/595, 15/405
Classificação CooperativaB05B1/00